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Streaming Premiere Dates

Date Title Category Genre Platform
22 May 2019A Tale of Two KitchensDocumentaryFamilyNetflix
22 May 2019One Night in SpringTv showDramaNetflix
21 May 2019Wanda Sykes: Not NormalTv showComedyNetflix
20 May 2019Prince of Peoria: Part 2Tv showComedyNetflix
17 May 2019Fleabag: Season 2Tv showCrimeAmazon
17 May 2019The Rain: Season 2Tv showSci-FiNetflix
17 May 20191994DocumentaryCrimeNetflix
17 May 2019Chip & PotatoTv showKidsNetflix
17 May 2019MariaFilmActionNetflix
17 May 2019Nailed It: Season 3Tv showNetflix
17 May 2019Dying To TellDocumentaryNetflix
17 May 2019Well Intended LoveTv showComedyNetflix
17 May 2019White Gold: Season 2Tv showComedyNetflix
17 May 2019See You YesterdayFilmActionNetflix
17 May 2019It’s BrunoTv showComedyNetflix
16 May 2019Good SamFilmDramaNetflix
15 May 2019HamidFilmDramaNetflix
14 May 2019Still Laugh-In: The Stars CelebrateFilmComedyNetflix
14 May 2019RevisionsTv showAnimationNetflix
13 May 2019Malibu RescueFilmFamilyNetflix
12 May 2019Patriot Act -Volume 3Tv showPoliticalNetflix
11 May 2019My Dad Wrote a PornoTv showComedyHBO
10 May 2019Sneaky Pete- Season 3Tv showCrimeAmazon
10 May 2019The Society: Season1Tv showDramaNetflix
10 May 2019JailbirdsTv showCrimeNetflix
10 May 2019Dry MartinaFilmComedyNetflix
10 May 2019Easy: Season 3Tv showComedyNetflix
10 May 2019The Mechanism: S2Tv showCrimeNetflix
10 May 2019In Family I TrustFilmComedyNetflix
10 May 2019Harvey Girls Forever -S2Tv showAnimationNetflix
10 May 2019SheherazadeFilmDramaNetflix
10 May 2019Wine CountryFilmComedyNetflix
08 May 2019Lucifer: Season 4 (2019)Tv showCrimeNetflix
06 May 2019AbyssTv showComedyNetflix
03 May 2019Knock Down the HouseDocumentaryPoliticalNetflix
03 May 2019Dead to Me: Season 1Tv showDramaNetflix
03 May 2019The Last SummerFilmComedyNetflix
03 May 2019A pesar de todoFilmComedyNetflix
03 May 2019All In My FamilyDocumentarySocialNetflix
03 May 2019Alles ist gutFilmDramaNetflix
01 May 2019Munafik 2FilmHorrorNetflix

Netflix Release Dates Calendar 2019

With each passing month, it feels as if the content online doubling in numbers. More and more films, original series and shows are turning up on various streaming sites. Netflix leads them by a mile, of course, but others are slowly catching up.

A record number of sixty plus originals (films and shows) are going live in May in Netflix alone. It is massive and will surely leave the audience spoilt for choice. Forget watching; there will be confusion regarding what to choose in the first place.

While Netflix drowns the competition in content when it comes to quality, the Amazon Prime Originals lead the month of May with three highly anticipated series Sneaky Pete Season 3, Fleabag Season 2, and The Good Omens.

Netflix will continue to make all the noise though with a wide variety of content that is global in nature. There are controversies galore as well with some of those subjects which is why it hogs all the limelight.

That’s where we come in with our suggestions. While we lay out everything in a segmented manner to make choices easy, and also review a majority of content to suggest the best for binge watching.

TV Shows coming up
  • 22 May 2019A Tale of Two KitchensNetflix
  • 22 May 2019One Night in SpringNetflix
  • 21 May 2019Wanda Sykes: Not NormalNetflix
  • 20 May 2019Prince of Peoria: Part 2Netflix
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