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The Holiday Series (Episode 1-4): A Surprise Entertainer

By TeamBinged - August 5, 2019 @ 4:16 pm

The Holiday Series (Episode 1-4): A Surprise Entertainer

The web-series The Holiday marking Adah Sharma’s digital debut didn’t hit the headlines prior to its release but is delivering knock-out episodes one after the other every week. Four episodes of the series have been out on YouTube to date and all of them exude a light, heartfelt vibe, catching the fascination of several netizens online.

Though the series as a road-theme takes an escapist tone a.l.a Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara, dealing with four best childhood buddies, the writing is smart enough to keep viewers entertained. While an episode deals with their arrival to Mauritius as part of a girl’s bachelorette, the other three episodes talk about the time they spend at a bar, a haunted house and at a beach.

What impresses you the most is the camaraderie that its lead actors share – Adah Sharma, Priyank Sharma, Veer Rajwant Singh and Aashim Gulati have great chemistry and make sure that their on-screen comfort is similar to that of childhood buddies.

In terms of performance, there’s little doubt that Priyank Sharma is the show-stealer. Every group has a guy who proclaims himself to be a hunk, that the girls would instantaneously fall for him and has an innate sense of comic timing. He is that guy for the series. As Patrick, he gives a lot of energy to the proceedings, while Adah Sharma, unlike her most film outings, is a natural with her portrayal as a makeup blogger.

The next episode has the protagonists being robbed and trying to regain their money at a casino. We can’t wait to see that.

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