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The Last Hour: Hit By Controversies, Will Prime Video Find Peace With New Indian Original?

By Binged Binged Bureau - May 6, 2021 @ 7:39 pm

The Last Hour: Hit By Controversies, Will Prime Video Find Peace With New Indian Original?Amazon Prime Video, yesterday lauched the teaser for its first ever supernatural series and it already looks jam packed with thrill. Titled, “The Last Hour”, the web series stars Sanjay Kapoor, Raima Sen, Shahana Goswami, Karma Takapa, Shaylee Krishen and Mandakini Goswami in very prominent roles. The web series will start streaming on the platform on May 14th.

After a long, long time, it seems Prime Video is back again with an impactful and loaded series. Last time it released an Indian original web-series it received a lot of backlash and ended up being part of one of the year’s biggest controversies, without doubt. We are talking about the January release of Prime Video’s much anticipated series “Tandav”. The Saif Ali Khan-Dimple Kapadia starrer opened up to great reviews but was instantly pulled into controversy.

As if that wasn’t enough viewers started nitpicking on earlier released shows too like Mirzapur 2, Paatal Lok. As the controversies got stronger, the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting intervened and decided to introduce a new set of guidelines for the OTT platforms.

Due to these controversies, fans felt that the release of Amazon Prime Video’s Family Man S2 and few other series has also been delayed. Now, as “The Last Hour” is making headlines, it looks like finally Amazon Prime Video steering clear of all the bad memories of early 2021.

Now, everything depends on what the content, scenes and dialogues bring forward. As per the description the show isn’t political, so at least it is not causing issues there. It will showcase a small hill town in the Himalayan region with a Shaman that comes together with a cop to uncover the deaths caused by a murderer in the town. The show seems simple without any complexities that can cause controversies. The story too looks powerful as it will include the twist of the supernatural element for the first time in an Amazon Indian Original.

There’s one thing though, the teaser mentions the word “jhakri” which is a Nepali word for Shaman/Healer. That means there will definitely be representation from the community. If everything is executed and put forward properly, we are sure there won’t be any issue. If not then, just like how a certain comment in Paatal Lok garnered attention, this again might become the center of it all over again.

But after whatever the platform has been through, it can be guaranteed that, this time it won’t let mistakes slip by for it create another issue.

The show has an impressive cast and also an impressive creative team. Oscar winner Asif Kapadia debuts into Indian original shows as an executive producer for The Last Hour. The show is written and produced by Amit Kumar and Anupama Minz. Amit Kumar has also directed the series.

Fans have been waiting for a good web-series from Amazon Prime Video, and we believe this will be delivered this time with the spooky, twisty and eerie “The Last Hour”.

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