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The Much Loved Classic, Friends Leaves Netflix

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - January 2, 2020 @ 4:22 pm

The Much Loved Classic, Friends Leaves NetflixThe time has finally come. One of Netflix’s most significant possession Friends is out of its library in the US. It is no longer available in the Netflix catalogue in the US. However, fans in India can continue to access it.

Friends, despite its end of the run on Television long ago still continues to be the most-watched on streaming platforms and re-runs. When recently it was revealed that the rights to stream Friends, was up for grabs, there was a widespread clamour to get it. Finally, HBO Max got them for five years for approximately $425 Million.

Netflix, on its part was preparing for the D-day from a long time ago. They have acquired popular alternative properties and were seen pushing them hard for its viewers. However, it needs to be seen how big of an impact leaving Friends has on Netflix. The social media is already filled with multiple comments from long-time users who are looking at the alternate streaming option, now that their beloved show has gone.

Friends will be available on HBO Max from spring 2020. That is when the streaming app of HBO will be available.

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