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Early Impression: Interesting Premise Frivolous Execution

By TeamBinged    @binged_ - May 21, 2019 @ 5:02 pm

Thiravam Early Impression: Interesting Premise Frivolous Execution          So, the new web series from Zee5 Originals in Tamil, Thiravam is out. It features Prasanna in the lead. The basic plot is interesting based on a real-life story of Ramar Pillai.

The opening of the series is gripping with the monologue followed by the courtroom sequence. It raises hopes on the drama in the rest of the episode and overall series. However, the expectations are short lived as what follows it very silly.

There are two sets of individuals and their respective gangs who are after Ravi Prakasam aka RP (Prasanna), one for his head and another for his formula of herbal fuel. The way the whole set up is framed feels frivolous lacking any seriousness, and the second episode further confirms it.

The first interactions between various people who are after RP (Prasanna), is a prime example of the utter superficiality and senselessness on display. It could be okay for a crime comedy, but that is not what one expects from the basic plot, and after that introduction sequences. However, it looks like the expectations have to be revised that way post the first two episodes. The jarring inconsistency is tone is a significant issue in having an engaging narrative.

On the positive side, and tuning the mind into crime-comedy zone, the comedy (dialogue-based) and a couple of the characters of goons work. Azhagam Perumal stands out with his over the top antics so far. The irreverent humour is alright. The making quality is decent at best. Aravind Krishna, a renowned cinematographer, directs the series. Watch out for our mid-season update.

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