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Through ‘Vinci Da’, Srijit Mukerji’s Film Explores the Talent Unexplored

By TeamBinged    @binged_ - July 13, 2019 @ 10:27 am

Through ‘Vinci Da’, Srijit Mukerji’s Film Explores the Talent Unexplored
If you are a Bengali, or a non-Bengali who’s aware of a few Bengali circles, addressing an elderly male person as ‘Da’ is something with which you maybe familiar. ‘Vinci Da’ is like mentioned in the name itself, is a tribute to an artist who admires Leonardo Da Vinci. Srijit Mukerji’s film is a tribute to all the unnamed artists, who’s effort goes behind making some of the most terrific work in cinema.

While that’s just one of the layers, ‘Vinci Da’ remains a conscious thriller, where an artist remains a man of conscience and feels for the crime done on his part, thereby takes matter in his own hand to fix what he messed up.

It wouldn’t be completely wrong to say that this was Srijit Mukerji’s most original creation. This came from a director who’s debut directorial, ‘Autograph’ was merely a modern remake of Satyajit Ray’s much acclaimed film, starring Bengal’s superstar Uttam Kumar. If this film ever gets a Bollywood remake, I hope it tells the same story, in the similar manner.

The film is based on a make up artist, who is known by the name Vinci Da, who gets embroiled in a series of criminal activities after a psycho client, comes to him under the guise of a producer and asks him to make him look exactly like a scamster, a Bollywood brat and an intellectual, who in reality is a sexual predator.

The psychiatric patient, who is also a self made lawyer, is aware of their hidden criminal activities, and is ready to do any collateral damages to make them pay the price for their crime. ‘Vinci Da’ has a touch of morality even in its diabolic narration.

Vinci Da is available on Amazon Prime Videos and Hoichoi

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