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Trailer Talk: Netflix Original Film Coffee & Kareem Offers Loads of Laughs and Slapstick Comedy

By Binged Rashmi Paharia - March 26, 2020 @ 8:52 pm

Netflix recently released the trailer of its upcoming Original film, Coffee & Kareem, and by the looks of it, the flick offers a generous amount of laughs and slapstick comedy, exactly the kind we Indians are used to —think, all the Housefulls, Hera Pheris and Golmaals Bollywood has produced.

The trailer is just like what the movie promises to be, going by its description on Netflix’s official site. It is funny, with a refreshing irreverence to political correctness. It is full of laugh out loud humour, which help to put you in a good mood in today’s testing times.

Coffee & Kareem centers on the unlikely partnership that springs between a bumbling cop, Coffee (Ed Helms) and the cheeky teenaged son Kareem (Terrence Little Gardenhigh) of his girlfriend (Taraji P Henson). The lad catches the cop making out with his mom, and sets a gangster after him to get rid of him. Only thing, the move backfires, and now the under-smart cop and the over-smart kid must team up to save their skin.

While Ed Helms is as dependable as ever in his role of the cop, his goofiness good for several laughs, it’s the kid who steals the show. Mouthing f-words with startling ease, and dropping the funny one-liners with perfect timing, the kid is a born natural.

The goons too add to the comic element, and it’s a laughter-fest all around. The movie is directed by Michael Dowse, who’s earlier made Goon and Stuber, so we know the movie is in good hands.

Coming at a time when the world could do with a spot of humour the more slapstick the better, Coffee & Kareem promises just the thing to beat the stay-at-home blues.

The movie premieres on Netflix on 3rd April 2020. Have a glimpse of the trailer here –

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