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Trailer Talk: Pushpavalli is Poised to be Back on Amazon Prime Video, Crazier and Whackier Than Ever!

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - March 10, 2020 @ 6:06 pm
Trailer Talk: Pushpavalli is Poised to be Back on Amazon Prime Video, Crazier and Whackier Than Ever!

Amazon Prime Video has recently released the trailer for Pushpavalli Season 2, its hilarious comedy series headlined by comedian Sumukhi Suresh. And judging by the trailer, Season 2 promises to be crazier and whackier than ever! 

Pushpavalli Season 1 was a laugh riot that had enamoured viewers with its dark comedy when it first released back in December 2017. Comedian Sumukhi Suresh’s tour de force had viewers laughing out loud at her hilarious antics as the titular stalker Pushpavalli, who leaves her hometown of Bhopal to stalk her love Nikhil (Manish Anand) all the way to Bangalore.
Now, the trailer shows that in Season 2, Pushpavalli will try and make amends for her creepy behavior in stalking Nikhil. But is it amends that is on her mind, or revenge? 

Sumukhi Suresh seems to be in her element as Pushpavalli in Season 2, pulling crazy stunts and rattling off crazier dialogues. Of course, her poker-faced dialogue delivery amps up the hilarity nineteen to the dozen. As the trailer picks up steam, Pushpavalli soon drops the sweetness facade, and is seen back to her scheming and conniving self, as she plots and plans…. for what? That we’ll only know when the season finally premieres. 
In between, our flawed heroine finds time to meddle into her friend Pankaj’s (Naveen Richard) burgeoning love life with new flame Swati (Preetika Chawla), and to get engaged to a sweet guy called Vidyuth (Vidyuth Gargi). But is it truly moving on for her? Or a relationship she gingerly steps into, to needle Nikhil? 

The cast for Season 2 includes old faces Sumukhi Suresh, Manish Anand, Preetika Chawla and Naveen Richard, along with new faces, comedian Urooj Ashfaq, Shraddha, Ashok Pathak and Vidyuth Gargi. The series is directed by Debbie Rao, who had directed Season 1 too. 
Pushpavalli Season 2 will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video from 13th March. 

Have a look at its trailer below – 


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