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Trailer Talk: Terrifying, Hard-Hitting Glimpse Into MX Player’s New Show, Madhuri Talkies

By Rashmi Paharia - January 14, 2020 @ 6:22 pm

trailer-talk-terrifying-hard-hitting-glimpse-into-mx-players-new-show-madhuri-talkiesAfter the success of its last web show Queen, MX Player is back with another series, this time in the edgy rape-and-revenge drama genre. The streaming platform, one of the largest content providers in the world, has just dropped the trailer of the upcoming web series, called Madhuri Talkies.

A woman is gang-raped, and the police is helpless like a toothless tiger in catching the perpetrators. She’s not the only woman who’s been targeted by the ravagers. They’re habitual rapists. Her man swears revenge, and goes about killing her violators with crazed precision. His single-minded revenge spree strikes terror in the hearts of the accused. Though the end is not clear, this is the fundamental premise of Madhuri Talkies.

The trailer is, in one word, hard-hitting. There are graphic scenes of women being violated, and also filmed while being raped. The shocking videos are then circulated and shared online. Set in the backdrop of the city of Benares, this is the story of every backward state of India, where nothing but lawlessness prevails, along with the decree of the local politician-criminal.

Even the murders of the perpetuators that take place later are shown in the most gruesome and graphic manner. Yes, the series is certainly hard-hitting, with the imagery designed to play on your mind for a long time afterwards.

Madhuri Talkies has been certified as 18+ viewing, which is a good thing actually. If the trailer is so graphic, we shudder to think what the real deal will be like.

The series stars Sagar Wahi and Aishwarya Sharma in the lead roles. It has been directed by Arvind Babbal.

Madhuri Talkies premieres on MX Player on 17th January.

In the meanwhile, here’s the trailer of the series –

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