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Trailer Talk: TVF and Amazon’s Panchayat Leverages Jeetendra Kumar’s Histrionic Abilities to Draw Viewers Into The Narrative

By Binged Rashmi Paharia - March 30, 2020 @ 12:29 pm
Trailer Talk: TVF and Amazon's Panchayat Leverages Jeetendra Kumar's Histrionic Abilities to Draw Viewers Into The Narrative

After their last collaboration Hostel Daze was a hit, The Viral Fever (TVF) and Amazon Prime Video have again come together to present a show amply relatable to today’s millennial audiences. Amazon Prime Video today dropped the trailer of the upcoming show, titled ‘Panchayat’. The show, unlike the regular urban settings of most TVF offeeimgs, is set in a rural backdrop, a fact that by itself evokes interest in the upcoming series. 

The show features TVF star Jeetendra Kumar as the lead, with another TVF luminary Biswapati Sarkar playing a significant role. The trailer shows off Jeetendra Kumar, aka Jeetu Bhaiya’s histrionics abilities in all its glorious quirks. He plays Abhishek, a young engineering graduate without a job even after graduation. Biswapati Sarkar plays his friend, who helps him find a mediocre job in a Panchayat office in an obscure UP village. Flavour of the season Neena Gupta, and Raghubir Yadav add their singularly unique touch to the proceedings. 

If there is one actor who can bring out the pathos and angst of a young man forced to slog at a job against his wishes, it is Jeetendra Kumar. The actor brings out Abhishek’s helplessness and dissatisfaction in the midst of the unhappy situation perfectly. His pitiful facial expressions and rapid-fire dialogue delivery, a la Kartik Aaryan, evoke laughter as well as sympathy in the viewers. 

The village scenes are captured with a deft hand. Sundry characters flit in and out of the trailer, rousing viewers’ interest in the story. If Kota Factory and Hostel Daze was all about students’ pursuit of education, Panchayat promises to portray the fate of Indian graduates who fail to get a worthwhile postgraduate degree. Apparently, as the trailer conveys, in India, an MBA is vital to land a desirable job. Further scenes lend additional humour, as well as a sense of poignant reality, to Kumar’s attempts to study for the CAT entrance exam while grappling with erratic electricity and lack of time. 

Panchayat promises to be an interesting and compelling watch, relevant and pertinent in today’s times. Apparently, Amazon Prime Video has brought forward the release of the show, to capture maximum eyeballs in the current lockdown period when OTT viewership is soaring like never before. 

Panchayat premieres on Amazon Prime Video on 3rd April. Have a glimpse of the trailer here

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