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Trailer Talk: ZEE5’s Bamfaad is a Love Story Set in the Notoriously Dangerous Hindi Heartlands

By Binged Rashmi Paharia - April 7, 2020 @ 11:27 am
Trailer Talk: ZEE5's Bamfaad is a Love Story Set in the Notoriously Dangerous Hindi Heartlands

Out of the blue, Allahabad seems to be the flavour of the season, as is apparent from several recent OTT content set in that dichotomous city. Dichotomous because, if on the one hand, it is steeped in history and culture, on the other hand, it is notorious for its violence, hooliganism and disrespect for the law. Bamfaad, ZEE5′s upcoming Original Film, whose trailer was released recently, is a love story set in the violence-laden milieu of Allahabad. 

The movie is supposedly presented by Anurag Kashyap, and it will introduce an unlikely star son to the Hindi film industry, albeit in OTT – Aditya Rawal, the son of actors extraordinaire, Paresh Rawal and Swaroop Sampat. Aditya plays Nasir Jamal, aka Naate, the male lead in Bamfaad. 

Naate is bindaas and follows rules of his own making. He falls in love with Neelam (Shalini Pandey, of Arjun Reddy fame), who’s the female version of Naate – as fiery and firebrand as can be. The first half of the trailer is devoted to introducing these two and their love saga. 

It is the second half of the trailer that sets the ball rolling and justifies the title of the movie – Bamfaad is Allahabadi slang for ‘explosive’. Enter, Jigar Bhai (Vijay Varma), ganglord and a dangerous suitor of Neelam. Jigar Bhai is edgy, unhinged and radiates danger – the perfect villain for a love story that is the debut vehicle for a star son. 

Naate and Neelam are defiant in the face of the web of violence unleashed by Jigar Bhai — there’s a scene in the trailer that implies that Naate even loses his best friend and guiding light (Jatin Sarna) to the violence. The rest of the trailer portrays the couple fighting against the odds that are increasingly stacked against them by Jigar Bhai. 

Aditya Rawal shows promise and talent, judging by what we see of him in the short, 2-min trailer. He oozes confidence, displaying flashes of brilliance — proof of why Anurag Kashyap chose to back the lad. Vijay Varma may well prove to be the scene stealer in the movie – his edgy persona tends to overshadow everything else in the frames he features in. 

The trailer is fast-paced and thrilling, despite it being a story plucked from the standard template of Bollywood love stories. Ranjan Chandel has directed the movie.

Bamfaad is slated to release on ZEE5 on 10th April. Have a glimpse of the trailer here – 

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