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‘It Will Be the Netflix for South-India’

By TeamBinged    @binged_ - June 12, 2019 @ 10:54 am

Vajra Kavachadhara Govinda -NetflixViren Thambidorai, actor, cinematographer, producer and a film personality who’s worked in multiple capacities in the industry over two decades, is also the Creative Director of Vuclip now, under which the OTT platform Viu functions. Ahead of the promotions for the film Vajra Kavachadhara Govinda in which he plays a supporting role, the multi-faceted film figure had interesting things to share about his role at Vuclip.

“Viu, I feel, is definitely one of the biggest OTT players in the country and is unparalleled in the South-Indian entertainment industry. The brand has been there in the country right before Netflix made name for itself and has earned its credibility, both by the number of subscribers and original shows aired on the platform,” Viren, also a former manager to star Rana Daggubati, had opined.

He felt the platform has opened gateways for innovative content, that could never make it to regular commercial cinema. “I say this with the experience of working for the biggest production companies over these decades. Though I have a busy schedule with my film commitments, I have a committed team that works around my timings. I’ll have no apprehensions to say that it is the go-to platform a.l.a Netflix for South India and is set to get better with time,” the man added. Viren had also played interesting roles in films like 118, Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi and Azhar recently.

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