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Exclusive: Vishnu Manchu Discusses His Turn as a Producer for a Web Series

By Binged Srivathsan Nadadhur - December 3, 2019 @ 5:30 pm

Vishnu-Manchu-Discusses-His-Turn-as-a-Producer-for-a-Web-SeriesActor Vishnu Manchu, who has been out of action at the cinemas for long now (but for the delayed film Voter that tanked at the box office), is trying to juggle his passion for acting with his production dreams.

His next film as an actor, Mosagallu, is loosely based on the Satyam scam. It’s scheduled for next year. He will be starring alongside Kajal Aggarwal.

But he’s also excited about how his digital venture for Zee5, featuring Srikanth in the lead role, will fare.

In a chat with Binged.com, Vishnu talks of his production journey in the digital medium:

“I feel being a producer is a thankless job. It may not appear nice to many when I say that producers aren’t given the due they deserve. A project doesn’t move without a producer. There are writers, directors and actors but a project goes ahead only with the producer. Sadly, this is an industry where we lose more money than we invest. So, it’s their passion to present a good film to crowds, that helps run the entertainment industry, be it the films or the digital medium.”

However, discussing the advantages that the digital medium has given a producer, Vishnu Manchu tells Binged.com that:

“We’re spared from handling the egos of the directors, financiers and the distributors. Brands like ZEE5 are helping us deliver content without any compromises. As far as I see, the next 2-3 years will be the golden era for the digital medium in the country, particularly on a regional level.”

Though he believes that streaming content is no threat to films, it does pose a challenge to the television industry, which probably needs to look at new ways to reinvent themselves.

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