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Weekend Binge Recco: A Flurry Of Desi-Content

By TeamBinged    @binged_ - August 25, 2019 @ 5:49 pm

Weekend-Binge-Recco-Game-Over,-Article-15,-NVNN-A-Flurry-Of-Desi-ContentThis weekend we have a lot of India content, mostly movies, to binge on. A lot of these films are highly acclaimed and small budget flicks. The chances are high that many might have skipped them theatrically to binge-watch later. Well, here is that time.

Game Over – Netflix (All Languages)
The Tapsee starrer Game Over won the actress immense praise for picking a bold subject and coming up with a fantastic performance. It is the kind of movie which is perfect for binge-watching. Game Over is a thriller which has a predictable plot, in the end, but the narrative is anything but, with a unique mixture of various genres.

Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene -Amazon Prime, Kanchana 3 – Zee5

Ninu-Veedani-Needanu-Nene,-Kanchana-3The Telugu and Tamil film industry comes with a horror-comedy from time to time. The fact that the makers are still able to come up with freshness within the predictable narratives should be enough to check out them once. Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene starring Sundeep Kishan is such an attempt. The Kanchana series helmed by Raghava Lawrence needs no special mention. It is a blockbuster theatrically.

Both the movies have a highly enjoyable half and fizzle out, post that. If you want to have something funny in a horror-comedy template, give these movies a try.

Article 15 – Netflix (In the US from September 15th)
Article-15-–-Netflix-(In-the-US-from-September-15th)Article 15 is the first time collaboration of Anubhav Sinha and Ayushmann Khurana. It is based on multiple horrific real-life incidents happening in India related to caste and sex discrimination, and hence the title. Article 15 prohibits such action.

Takatak, Aadai, Uyare, Jiivi – Amazon Prime video
Takatak,-Aadai,-Uyare,-Jivvi-–-Amazon-Prime-videoA recommendation like this is why the digital explosion is well worth it. Here we have films across various languages offering a wide variety of stories but with a universally identifiable Indian emotion being common in all.

Takatak is an adult comedy with a mix of family drama that sends a much-needed message in the end, but it does so under currently. Aadai is another unique entertainer coming from Tamil cinema. Its bold premise is matched by a striking execution that makes one immerse in the narrative and lose focus on the nudity.

Uyare once again proves why Malayalam cinema is the best when it comes to making topical yet highly engaging films with great emotions. The acid attack survival story is a must-watch to those who love dramas.

Jiivi is a thriller with a unique plot involving robbery. The movie stars slowly but gets into the groove soon. It is engaging in the “thrilling” parts and drags otherwise. Still, the concept makes it a passable watch online. It is for those who love thrillers.

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