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Where To Stream These 5 Under-Rated Fahadh Faasil Films!!!

By Binged Binged Bureau - September 27, 2020 @ 10:00 am

Where To Stream These 5 Under-Rated Fahadh Faasil Films!!!Yesterday, we showed where to stream six of Fahad Faasil’s must watch movies. Today let’s look at five films of Fahadh that went under the radar but are critically acclaimed for his performances. These lesser known gems are proof that he is not just a man who got into this industry through his director father, but that he is an actor’s actor. Here are those films:

Annayum RasoolumAnnayum Rasoolum (2013)

This film touches on controversial topics such as suicide and inter-caste marriage (In India). Watch Fahadh Faasil as he executes a brilliant character in a cliched role of a young man in love. Watch this film on Disney+Hotstar.

Synopsis: Rasool, a young taxi driver and Anna, a salesgirl, fall in love with each other. But soon their union is questioned when Anna’s elder sister persuades Rasool to convert his religion to Christianity.

22 Female Kottayam22 Female Kottayam (2012)

One of the more controversial films among Fahadh’s early repertoire of projects, this film has now got a cult following of its own. One of the few films where you can seriously see Fahadh’s range as an actor, this low budget feature was one of the first films to truly put him on the map as an actor. Stream this movie on Amazon Prime Video.

Synopsis: Tessa is a nursing student in Bengaluru with plans of traveling to Canada for a career. She meets Cyril from the travel consultancy agency working towards setting up her visa. They soon fall in love and start living together. Their whole life tears apart after an unforgivable incident.

Njan Prakashan Njan Prakashan (2018)

A story following a slacker, this film shows the comedy chops of Fahadh Faasil. It is also set-up in the backdrop of a man trying to leave India and settle abroad for a ‘better life’. This movie can be streamed on Netflix.

Synopsis: Prakashan dreams of living a lavish and easy life abroad and spins an elaborate scheme to make his dream come true. However, fate has different plans for him.

North 24 Kaatham North 24 Kaatham (2013)

Follow Fahadh as he takes on one of his more challenging roles, portraying a person with OCD. He highlights some of the difficulties faced by a person with such a disorder and he has done an admirable job in portraying such a character.

Synopsis: Harikrishnan, a software engineer who suffers from OCD, is sent on an assignment to Trivandrum. However, he decides to follow a fellow passenger back to Kozhikode and learns valuable life lessons. This feature film is available on Disney+Hotstar.

Iyobinte PusthakamIyobinte Pusthakam (2014)

Set in a pre-Independent India in 1900, this film tackles some age-old issues which we even face today – property issues and murders done in the name of inheritance by sons, daughters and/or relatives. This film is streaming now on Disney+Hotstar

Synopsis: Returning home after the war to his village to meet his family, Aloshi discovers that his brothers are working as henchmen for a local businessman and are plotting against his father.

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