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Where to Stream These 7 Must Watch Marathi Thrillers

By Binged Binged Bureau - May 16, 2021 @ 5:14 pm

Where to Stream These 7 Must Watch Marathi ThrillersWe have all seen the kind of hard-hitting subjects that cinema can produce from time to time and regional titles have gotten an even larger audience now thanks to the increasing popularity of OTT platforms

Here is a collection of some Marathi thrillers that should definitely be on your watchlist

Savita Damodar Paranjpe1.Savita Damodar Paranjpe – Netflix

Kusum and Sharad are a married couple for 8 years now but things seem to take a weird turn when Kusum starts to display erratic behaviour from time to time. Is there some hidden agenda behind this or is there a secret that has to be unravelled?

Aapla Manus2. Aapla Manus – Netflix

Inspector Maruti Nagargoje is all set to investigate an accident where Aba Gokhale, an elderly man who is living with his son and daughter-in-law falls from the balcony of their house and is severely injured. What seems like a simple mishap may be a planned sinister move after all. Nana Patekar plays a double role in the film.

Faster Fene3. Faster Fene – Zee 5

Banesh Fene is an enigmatic youth who has come to Pune to give a medical entrance exam. When his new friends get murdered, he takes it upon himself to investigate the murder and while trying to solve the case gets intertwined in the crosshairs of a powerful mafia leader.

Checkmate4. Checkmate – Zee 5

A group of three men are tricked into a scam as the lure of easy money pulls them in. They lose millions of rupees and in order to regain their money they make a plan to track down the person who is behind it and use their brains to try and manipulate him so that they can get their money again.

Krutant5. Krutant – Netflix

Samyak is a workaholic who finds it tough to maintain a balance between his personal and professional commitments. Never the less he agrees to go on a trip with his friends where he meets ‘Baba’ who is a wise and aged man and it totally changes his life.

Saavat6. Saavat – Netflix

A detective is called to investigate a total of seven suicide cases in rural India. Throughout her investigation, she uncovers several myths and superstitions that highlight the mindset of the rest of the villagers. Will she find some disturbing link between all the suicides and are they even suicides after all?

 Dombivali Fast7. Dombivali Fast – Amazon Prime

Dombivali Fast revolves around a courteous and educated citizen who is fed up with the malpractices and corruption around him and decides to take matters into his own hands. He manages to make a small dent but he realises that there is a cop who is hot on his trail and he has to beware.

This ends our list of Marathi thrillers for the day. Check out Binged for more recommendations and news regarding your favourite films and series.

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