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Why’s Amazon Running Away from Telugu Originals?

By TeamBinged - May 14, 2019 @ 9:00 am

Why's-Amazon-Prime-Running-Away-from-Telugu--OriginalsOne bad experience is consistently scaring away Amazon Prime from backing regional content. The digital giant that’s producing several seasons of certain shows across Hindi and English has always been on two minds about okaying proposals for Telugu originals. From what we hear, it’s their bitter experience with the team behind the Nandini Reddy-backed series Gangstars, that was produced by a subsidiary division of Vyjayanthy Movies, the makers of Mahanati.

The hearsay about the matter is that the makers had promised a relatively different story to Amazon in the first place and made considerable changes to the script during the making. And the financial dealing between Amazon and the banner didn’t go on as smooth as it was planned. It is this sour episode, both creatively and financially, that’s driving Amazon’s reluctance to produce regional content on a regular basis.

But, is the streaming platform acting too pricey for one bad experience in the past? They can certainly move on, also because Zee5 is making merry out of this situation, producing Telugu and Tamil originals week after week. Isn’t it time to look at the larger picture Amazon?

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