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Saat No. Shanatan Sanyal’ Quick Review: Fails to Keep the Viewers on Their Toes

By Binged TeamBinged - July 12, 2019 @ 3:56 pm

Zee5's Saat No. Shanatan Sanyal Quick Review - Kaushik Ganguly Explores What It’s like to Be InvisibleAnnapurna Basu’s ‘Saat No Shanatan Sanyal’ explores the story of seven men who share the same name. A businessman, a fish seller, a salesman, an astrologer and a poet. Our protagonist remains, the salesman (Koushik Ganguly) who’s particular visits to his namesakes keep us engaged. None of the Shanatan’s are particularly happy to see their namesake, who is a scruffy looking, low self esteemed salesman. While some try to get rid of him with a smile, others are just plain and simple rude on the face. Each of them get an unwanted gift, a perfume from the salesman. Hardly do they know, that this is a gift, that one would desperately want to return.

Although Ganguly does everything in his means to tell a good story, play an interesting character, he fails to keep the viewers on their toes due to the low production quality, and background scores fail to make a point.

Shilajit Mazumdar may be the more handsome Shanatan Sanyal, but he fails to convince the audience about his character. With her little means, Annapurna Basu has managed to keep us all engaged. Despite odd circumstances, she manages to delve in to an interesting concept. There’s a maze hidden in every movement of the camera. The viewer needs to be more alert to enjoy the metaphorical aspect of the film.

One of the other flaws of the film is its inability to keep the identity of the killer a secret.

Saat No Shanatan Sanyal is available on Zee 5.