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Brittany Runs A Marathon Review – The Feel Good Movie Of The Day

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - December 2, 2019 @ 9:00 pm
Binged Rating3/5

Brittany Runs A Marathon Review

BOTTOM LINE: The Feel Good Movie Of The Day

Review: 3/5

Platform: Amazon Genre: Drama/Comedy

What Is the Story About?

Brittany (Jillian Bell) is an overweight late twenties girl who is struggling to cope up with the life, which is a mess. She is unhappy and unhealthy as a result. What happens when Brittany decides to run a marathon to bring a positive change in her life is what the movie is all about?

Brittany Runs A Marathon Review


Jillian Bell is terrific in the role of Brittany. It is a spirited performance, one that also forms an instant connection with a lot of younger or still unmarried near or about 30’s crowd. Here mere presence and the imbued condescending attitude in the demeanor make the part an instantly relatable one. The writing comes as icing on the cake.

The inner turmoil and frustration at failing to meet the goals and time and again repeating the same mistakes are showcased effectively. It is also done so casually and effortlessly as if Bell is not acting, but just living the character. These aspects keep us engaged throughout, and the rest is taken care of by the story.


Paul Downs Colaizzo directs Brittany Runs A Marathon. It is based on a real-life incident of a person. The story is predictable and straightforward, but the relatable and feel-good factor brought out in the narrative does the trick.

Right from the opening, the youngsters are like to develop a connection. Most of the scenarios and dialogues will resonate instantly with them. The growing weight factor, the sleep issue, the midnight parties, getting late to work, and so on, everything hits the nail on the head. However, the inner feeling expressed by the lead makes, along with those hits home the point more impactfully.

Once we are engaged to the lead protagonist and understand her struggle, the rest of the journey is comfortable and effective despite occasional hiccups on the way. The way Brittany avoids confrontation of the issue and other such details are excellent, but at a couple of points, it moves in a different direction from the core issue. Luckily, it gets immediately back on track.

The emotional and dramatic moments are well placed and handled without being too melodramatic. A slice of life happening in urban space is maintained very well. The progress of relationships among various characters has lively making. One can’t help but have a warm feeling in hearts looking at how Brittany and Seth develops. It keeps the narrative light and less burdened from the excess of pity and sorrow.

As said about, a couple of these various relationships transgress into different territories. The interaction with those characters introduces issues that pull us out from the core issue related to the central theme. Most of it happens in the middle segment, but things get literally back on track as Brittany decides to complete the marathon.

The climax is simple and emotional, with an upbeat mood in full flow. A positive feeling is created in our minds. Some might even be inspired by it to do productive work. The fact that we feel this in spite of having seen all the negative and ugly side of Brittany makes it all the more appreciable.

In the end, the feel-good factor and universal resonance with the core content and characterisation of Brittany makes the movie an easy and mood-uplifting one-time watch for sure.

Other Artists?

There are many actors in the movie playing various characters that complete the world of Brittany. They each have a unique trait and come with a background. The roommate, Alice Lee nails the social media crazy girl to great effect. The neighbour Michaela Watkins with personal family issue trying to help Brittany is neatly cast. Utkarsh Ambudkar, as the carefree guy turned boyfriend turned friend, brings a gentle and friendly vibe effortlessly. Lil Ray Howery nails the critical scene, which brings back Brittany to senses. Micah Stock is lovely and adorable doing his part as the marathon partner. The rest of the small roles, too, are done amazingly that gives a sense of completeness to the narrative.

Brittany Runs A Marathon Review

Music and Other Departments?

The music by Duncan Thum is peppy and lively in a modern way. It gives a spirited and light mood to the proceedings as when required. The cinematography by Seamus Tierney is pleasant. The editing by Casey Brooks is crisp and smooth. The director Paul Downs Colaizzo handles the writing. It is superb and instantly makes one drawn into the narrative. It is lighter in tone throughout and never gets into the overdramatic zone, even where there is a scope of melodrama. The balance is maintained well.


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Feel-Good Factor
Instant Identification For the Targeted Audience


Sub characters With Extended Plots of Their Own
The Middle Portions
Little Bit Formulaic

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