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I Am Mother Movie Review – Slow Paced But Intriguing Sci-Fi Thriller

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - June 9, 2019 @ 11:28 pm
Binged Rating2.75/5

I Am Mother Review, I Am Mother Netflix Movie Review Ratings

BOTTOM LINE: Slow Paced But Intriguing Sci-Fi Thriller

Rating: 2.75/5

Platform: Netflix Genre: Sci-Fi

What Is the Story About?

A droid called Mother raises a Daughter (Clara Rugaard) in an enclosed surrounding in a post-apocalyptic world. The Mother’s perfect world is disturbed when an unexpected Woman (Hilary Swank) enters her carefully guarded world. What happens when Daughter interacts with Woman and how it affects her relationship with Mother is what I Am Mother is all about?




I Am Mother Review, I Am Mother Netflix Movie Review RatingsYoung Clara Rugaard takes a challenging part and shines in I Am Mother. It is similar to the tests she undergoes in the movie conducted by the Mother. The actress rises to the occasion and delivers a neat performance.

For most of the duration, it is Clara alone interacting with a robot. She has done a believable job with it. Towards the latter half, she gets mostly into anger and confused state as a character. However, she conveys those emotions appropriately without any blunder.


Grand Sputore who directs the movie has also conjured up the story along with Michael Llyold Green. It helps in getting the tone, setting and pace right. There is clarity in what the director wants, and that is seen conclusively. It is what ultimately makes the narrative gripping.

I Am Mother is a sci-fi thriller based on a unique idea. It is that premise that drives the movie, and the motives too are carefully developed out of it. The regular logic applied to it might throw many questions making the proceedings look illogical. Like how the embryos grow within 24 hours into a baby. Or how the Women escape the Droid Army if they are like what is shown at the end? There will be similar doubts galore with some of the actions of the lead characters. But, if one gives in to the director’s internal logic of the flow of the world, they all come around well to give a gripping narrative.

Right from the start, we know I Am Mother is going to be a taut thriller, albeit a bit slow. It takes time to get going, but once The woman enters the inside world of the Daughter with the Mother; it is a tense filled narrative all the way until she gets out.

It is a disappointment not just for the Daughter but for the viewers as well when she gets outside with the Woman. The climax is alright with a well-executed dramatic twist. But, it again raises more questions than answers the existing ones. It is left to the audience understanding.

I Am Mother Review, I Am Mother Netflix Movie Review RatingsOn the whole, if one is into sci-fi and loves the genre for the unique themes and crazy ideas, I Am Mother is likely to offer enough to keep them hooked. For others, who don’t have such patience, the movie is likely to come across as slow and tedious. Either way, I Am Mother is a one-time watch for the thought and imagination that went behind it.

Other Artists?

For a neat two-hour length, I Am Mother has only three main characters in its narrative, and one of them happens to be a robot. There is no glimpse of anyone else. One can imagine the challenge the director faces and how gripping and precise the performances and screenplay has to be. Luckily for Grant Sputore, Clara Rugaard, and Hilary Swank do the needed.

Hilary Swank plays Woman who is a typical human character that only cares about him or her and its survival. This nature is very crucial in driving a strong point to the Daughter. Hilary gets that remarkably well. Her manipulative nature is cleverly intermixed with survival instinct. The Mother is a robot part which has the voice given by Rose Byrne. It is also a terrific work.

Music and Other Departments?

The music by Dan Luscombe is lovely, with a haunting quality attached to it. The cinematography by Steve Annis is excellent, especially all the interior shots of the facility the Mother and Daughter stay-in. The outside world photography is not on the same level barring a few shots. The visual effects also look a little off in those parts. The editing by Sean Lahiff is sharp, and despite the slow pace, there is always a feeling of something happening. The art department has done an excellent job. The writing by Michael Lloyd Green is adequate to keep one intrigued, but overall seem to lack depth.


Basic Concept


Unnecessary Slow At Times
Unanswered Questions

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes for the most part

Will You Recommend It?

Yes but with reservations.

I Am Mother Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti

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