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Money Heist S4 Review – Repetitive Thrills, Still Highly Enjoyable Heist Thriller

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - April 4, 2020 @ 6:55 pm
Binged Rating7.5/10

BOTTOM LINE: Repetitive Thrills, Still Highly Enjoyable Heist Thriller 

Rating: 7.5/10

Platform: Netflix Genre: crime

What Is the Story About?


The season four takes off from the cliff hanger ending of the third one. It starts with the immediate question on the mind related to The Professor (Alvero Morte) and Lisbon (Itziar Ituno). Once that is out, the focus is back on the gang in The Bank Of Spain. How the members react under pressure? What happens to Nairobi who has been shot and did they complete the mission?


By this time Alvaro Morte playing the character of The Professor has become like fish in the water. He is in a comfortable zone, and it’s an act that is winning him fans all over. Alvaro Morte is enjoying playing the part. It shows in all the various gamut of emotions he essays as part of the narrative. The good thing is we do not feel anywhere that he has taken things for granted. He shows the same intensity and involvement when we first saw him enact the part of The Professor.



Koldo Serra, Javier Quintas, Alex Rodrigo, Jesus Colmenar, have individually directed various episodes of the series. Alex Pina continues to be the creator of the show.

Just like the multiple characters, we are also used to the non-linear screenplay of the series. The placement of a lot of scenes from the past and its current juxtaposition could also be easily understood. It makes the overall experience repetitive very soon.

The highs and lows can be easily guessed if one has been cued to the proceedings from the start. The narrative is beginning to feel a bit formulaic. And finally, the various backstories for emotional connection also conform to certain predictability on the part of makers.

However, like any blockbuster film, Money Heist continues to engage from start to finish despite the intermittent shortcomings. For starters, one is deeply invested in the overall “heist” and wants to get to the end of it. In the process, the various characters have developed a connection through the journey that has happened so far. The combined effect makes us glued to the proceedings no matter what.

Another biggest plus for the series is the story. It is fantastic, and one gets an impression there is still enough gas left in the tank. It is the primary reason for all to invest in the proceedings and is without any doubt worth the time.

The direction is terrific. Many key moments are handled with the razor-sharp edge of the seat precision. The narrative is filled with zany energy. The action scenes are adrenaline pumping and nail-bitingly done. The hallway sequence where one assassin takes on the entire gang has been fantastically done. The narrative frenzy and thrills are equally delivered in parts like these. The follow up heroic elevations too have come out brilliantly.


And despite all the engaging moments sprinkled throughout, there is an underlying frustration again due to the ending. It kind of gets clear mid-way, but still one hoped for an end, anyhow. Certain proceedings seem to get stretched due to the extension.

Overall, Money Heist Part four also delivers. There are thrills galore, but the overall impact is certainly less compared to the previous ones. Those who have watched the earlier seasons shall only need a reminder of the new season. For others, give the series a try for you are missing a cracker of a thrilling entertainer.

Other Artists?

Almost all the characters are just living the parts now. Each of them has been given adequately written roles which offer them scope to emote and show their skills in various ways. The problem is cliché direction some take or the forced extension to give the dramatic arc. The principal characters stand out with their electricity and insane energy and presence.

Music and Other Departments?


The selection of songs from popular achieve is fabulous as usual. The critical background piece which seems to be heavily inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road’s Brothers In Arms is sensational. It elevates the proceedings wherever it is used. Technically the series is slick with excellent cinematography and smooth editing. The flavour of a blockbuster Hollywood production is maintained well. The writing is impactful with a lot of fun in the mix.








Contrived Emotions In Couple Of Tracks 


Few Subplots Drag

Rushed Feeling In Parts

Did I Enjoy It?


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Review by Siddartha Toleti

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