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Moodu Mukkallo Cheppalante Review – Silly From Start to Finish

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - March 18, 2020 @ 7:48 pm
Binged Rating2/5

BOTTOM LINE: Silly From Start to Finish

Rating: 2/5

Platform: Aha Video Genre: Comedy

What Is the Story About?

Moodu Mukkalo Chepplante revolves around Arjun (Rakendu Muli) who is an irresponsible youngster living off others (grandparents, and friends). What happens when one day, his grandparents leave to the US and rent the place they stay to a friend is the core plot of the movie.



Rakendu Mouli playing the role of aimless and irresponsible youngster fits the part perfectly. It is the only aspect apart from delivering a few silly punch lines correctly that he does well.

For the most part, there is nothing in the role for Rakendu Mouli to shine or impress. The predictable drama that comes towards the end is also dealt with is a mostly lighter manner. So, there is nothing to say or notice about Rakendu’s acting skills here.


Madhumita directs the movie. To those who are uninitiated, Moodu Mukkalo Cheppalante is a project that was launched half a decade ago. The SP Charan production was reportedly complete by 2015 itself.  Then came another update a couple of years later with a fresh teaser. And now, finally, it has arrived via a streaming platform.

We are not getting into production hassles here and only talk about the final product. It is, without any doubt, the right movie for the streaming release. It’s making, and production values don’t warrant a big-screen viewing. Maybe it was one of the products that got made in the early burst of the digital movie making wave, but that big screen quality is lacking big-time.


Coming to the movie, the story is very routine, ordinary and predictable. What makes it tick (digitally) is the silly gags. They are continues and keep coming, whether it is working or not. After a point (initially itself) one gets used to it and goes with the flow.

There are a couple of gags that work, a few silly punches delivered with the right amount of self-awareness and awkwardness, are fine. The core idea involving a unique start-up plan is further up the ally of the silliness on display.

Still, the lethargic pace and making, make one bored of the proceedings quickly. Laziness is evident in writing and directing, which further brings down the whole effort. The crucial drama is also dealt in an uninteresting way.

Overall, Moodu Mukkalo Cheppalante is a silly fun movie that comes across as a ‘silly attempt’ to be taken seriously. Comedy is also a serious business, and the team is caught short on that score. If you don’t mind the extreme silliness, give it a try, otherwise, skip it.

Other Artists?

Aditi Chengappa playing the female lead has a very routine female role. She goes missing for a decent part of the proceedings. Darshana too is on the same lines playing the female sidekick.

SP Balasubramanyam and Lakshmi as the elderly couple are superb. They bring a genuine sense of warmth that only people of their stature can. Together, they provide the movie’s serious core. Venkatesh Harinathan, easily steals the show with his sidekick, supporting part. Almost the entire fun of the film revolves around him. It is like the Santhanam kind of act (besides Udhayanidhi Stalin), only on a much lower level.


Brahmanandam, Ali and Tanikella Bharani appear briefly. The former recreates his Idly Vishwanath act from Neninthe. It comes across as a paler and fragile version of the original. Ali and Tanikella Bharani are alright.

Music and Other Departments?

Karthikeya Murthy’s songs are forgetful. They can be easily skipped. The cinematography is below par. There is a short film vibe for the most part. The editing could have been better. Many scenes seem to come abruptly. The writing is consistently silly.


A Few Silly Fun Parts

Short Length




Slow Pace



Did I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?

Yes, but with huge reservations

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