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Orey Bujjiga Review – Routine And Predictable Rom-Com

By Binged Binged Bureau - October 2, 2020 @ 3:14 am
Binged Rating2.25/5

Orey Bujjigaa Aha Video Review BOTTOM LINE: Routine And Predictable Rom-Com

Rating: 2.25 /5

Skin N Swear: A Clean Viewing Experience For The Family

Platform: Aha Video Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

What Is the Story About?

The families of Bujjigadu (Raj Tarun) and Krishnaveni  (Malvika) are at loggerheads when both elope from their home at the same time. While the family think they are related to each other, in reality, they have no relationship.

What happens when Bujjigadu and Krishnaveni boarding the same train form a relationship?  And how their story ends is what the movie is all about? 

Orey Bujjigaa Aha Video Review


Raj Tarun is his usual self. He has done the same in many films previously. Orey Bujjiga is another addition, that’s all. 

When the character is routine, it is all about writing and the delivery. The former offers few fresh moments, whereas the latter is the same. There is absolutely effort to show any change.

Orey Bujjigaa Aha Video Review


Vijay Kumar Konda burst on the scene with the highly entertaining Gundejari Gallantayyinde. However, he has not been able to repeat its success. the worst part is that the quality of movies has progressively deteriorated.

Coming to Orey Bujjiga, it has a very familiar story, on the whole. However, Vijay Kumar Konda tries his best to give it a new twist with confusion comedy. The problem is that unlike his previous two films, Gundejari Galllanthayyinde and Oka Laila Kosam, the formula here is clearly evident. Orey Bujjiga feels like the latest rework of movies like Allari Mogudu and Aavida Ma Aavide from the nineties. There is no direct similarity, but the formula is the same.

It all starts with an opening block which brings together the lead pair through a gossip. It is neat and sets up the basic premise well. However, everything else that follows is a clichéd and banal.

The positive aspect is the irreverent comedy punches which work out at times. It also helps the narrative flow smoothly without much of a drag, even though it is highly predictable.  While it is a plus the more significant issue is the repetitiveness. It’s the same thing happening every alternative block.

The interval block offers a neat twist in that it makes one think how the director could proceed further using the same formula as before. However, the talent of the director lies in recreating the same ‘formula’ with a different sequence and not bothering about the story.

The conclusion is a known part, but Vijay Kumar Konda takes us to the predictable end using the predictable confusion formula. It is the USP of the film as well as failure.

Overall, Orey Bujjiga is a passable rom-com if one has absolutely no expectations from the movie. The director tries his best, but nothing works besides a few comedy punches. Give it a try if you have lots of time on your hand and absolutely nothing else to watch.

Orey Bujjigaa Aha Video Review

Other Artists?

Malvika has a decent role in the movie. It is so considering the hare-brained part the actress get in biggies. However, it is nothing out of the world or extraordinarily memorable. It is okay at best. The rest of the actors do their usual which involves known faces like Naresh, Posani Krishna Murali, and others.

The comedy doesn’t work, overall, barring a few punches. Sathya is wasted, Madhusudhan doesn’t deliver whereas Sapthagiri and others don’t have enough scope barring a scene or two. Raja Ravindra is similar to the hero, in that he does the same across all the movies.

Orey Bujjigaa Aha Video Review

Music and Other Departments?

The music by Anup Rubens is lacklustre. The background score is no better either. It is the same sounds to punctuate the comedy we have seen many times earlier. The cinematography by I Andrews could have been better considering the work he has done before. The editing is alright. The writing is a letdown, on the whole, barring few punches.


Orey Bujjigaa Aha Video Review


Some Comedy Punches

Moments Of Intrigue

Moderately Paced


Outdated Screenplay




Sub Plots

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, in parts 

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, with reservations 

Orey Bujjiga Review by Binged Bureau 

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