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Run Review – A Tacky Thriller With Very Little Redeeming Factor

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - May 29, 2020 @ 6:30 pm
Binged Rating1.25/5

Navdeep Run Movie Review Ratings BOTTOM LINE: A Tacky Thriller With Very Little Redeeming Factor 

Rating: 1.25/5

Platform: Aha Video Genre: Thriller

Skin and Swear: Lots of needless cuss words 

What Is the Story About?

Sandeep (Navdeep) and Shruti (Pujitha Ponnada) are a happily married couple. People around them think they are ideal husband and wife material. On the first wedding anniversary, both plan to have lunch at their favourite restaurant. Run Telugu Movie Review Ratings.

Just when things seem to be going smoothly, Sandeep receives the shock of his life when it is revealed that Shruti has been murdered. When he reaches home, the police finds him to be the number one suspect. Sandeep escapes from them and starts his investigation. Who killed Shruti is ultimately the basic story of the movie? 

Pojjitha Ponnada Run-Aha-Video


Navdeep does the best he can. He seems to be the only one in cue with the overall narrative of the movie. There is sincerity in him that shows. Unfortunately, the role offers him a substance that is more than he can chew. And the director is far away from the kind who could handle it with maturity and impact. The result is a forgetful outing.


Lakshmikanth Chenna picks a very simple yet complicated subject (to narrate) convincingly for Run. The Hollywood inspiration is obvious, and we try our best to look beyond it and see Run for what it is, a mess. Run Telugu Movie is a thriller, and for any movie in the genre to click, a gripping narrative is a must. Run falters on this count right from the start. The tackiness is evident after the opening song when Sandeep receives the news of his wife’s death. It is laughable the way it’s presented. One should get an idea then and there itself on how things are going to be ahead.


The suspicion is only confirmed when the police enter the scene, and the investigation begins. The seriousness is missing entirely. Still, the thing that holds it together is the suspense factor. One is really curious about what is happening. It is short-lived, though.

The moment new characters starts entering the narrative, things go for a toss. They are not only amateurishly placed, but also act and used similarly to push the story forward. The pacing is also disastrous.

With the multiple characters and entangled narrative that moves in circles, the interest is lost very quickly. After a point, the suspense also becomes apparent. The predictability is a further dent on the overall engagement with the proceedings. It (suspense) was the only hook to hold interest after a point. With that also fizzling out, there is nothing worthwhile to sit through.

In the end, ‘Run‘ runs thin on thrills and interest due to the incredibly tacky presentation and rushed screenplay. Beyond the opening few minutes, nothing is engaging.


Other Artists:

Run Telugu Movie has the presence of several artists, but none manage to make an impression. They all are uniformly given poorly written roles. On top of that, some of them like Amit Tiwari, Mukthar Khan, Hari Chandra etc. overact. Amit Tiwary stands out among these over-action segments.

Pujitha Ponnada is the heroine for namesake. She has a nothing role besides the opening montage song. Venkat is given prominence at the start, but soon it fizzles out. He carries on with his blank expressions for the rest of the movie. Bhanu Mehra as the ‘woman in red dress’ gets a laughable part. Shafi appears, in the end, wrapping up the convolutions in the film.


Music and Other Departments?

Music by Naresh Kumaran is forgettable. The background score is no better as it makes use of stock sounds frequently heard in the genre. The cinematography by Sajeesh Rajendran is poor. There is television serial quality visual throughout. The editing by Ramakrishna Arram should have been better. The writing is terrible, more so towards the second hour.



Basic Story Idea

Short Length

Opening Quarter


Tacky Making


Messy Second Hour


Did I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?


Run Telugu Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti


Run Telugu Movie Review Ratings AhaVideo 

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