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Tall Girl Review – Hackneyed And Banal Rom-Com

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - September 21, 2019 @ 3:30 pm
Binged Rating1.5/5

The Tall Girl Netflix Review

BOTTOM LINE: Hackneyed And Banal Rom-Com

Rating: 1.5/5

Platform: Netflix Genre: Comedy

What Is the Story About?

Jodi (Ava Michelle) has a tall gene that that is perceived normal. It makes her stand out among the crowd and target for ridicule. How a socially outcast girl with a few friends regains confidence is what the movie is all about? Or instead, that is what it wants us to believe?


Tall-Girl-ReviewAva Michelle is obviously apt for the part. She has the right amount of tenderness and earnestness that would make one relate and root for her success. However, much like everyone else, the casting is on the spot, and she happens to be part of it. There is nothing much else to do apart from playing a cliché ridden role with no high or low moments.

The romance doesn’t create any magic, or the sisterly sentiment touches the heart. It is a free-flowing predictable act that checks all the boxes with no emotional connection.


When the story and screenplay of a movie are as cliché and routine as Tall Girl, there is nothing much a director can do to elevate it. Nzingha Stewart does well in the direction department. She makes the best use of the available material, but nothing matters in the end.

The screenplay and writing of The Tall is the biggest issue. They are predictable from a mile away. You know where the movie is headed right after the first scene. Even if that is the case with many films in the rom-com genre, what is worse with The Tall Girl is the utter lack of surprise. It is not just the end; anyone can guess what is going to happen next or maybe the entire scene order well in advance.

A lead with insecurity, a love triangle and mean bitchy girl on the opposite end. The basic teen formula tropes are all there. The whole thing is strung together in the most hackneyed way as possible. The sheer lack of originality hits in our faces.

Tall-Girl-Review---Hackneyed-And-Banal-Rom-ComWithin the predictable story also, the romance shown in The Tall Girl is a bit problematic. It is so from the perspective of the character of Dunkleman. The change of heart of Jodi is brought about in the most stupidly possible manner. The final act, including the closing of the triangle, is very dissatisfying.

As mentioned above, the casting of every character is spot-on. That may lead to some connection at a surface level. There is similarly a scene, or two might hit the right note, but they are like a needle in a haystack.

Overall, The Tall Girl is easily avoidable fare. If you have no inclination towards romantic fares, it is enough if you read the story synopsis. For others who might be a sucker to teen romance, there is nothing fresh on offer here.

Other Artists?

The Tall Girl is primarily a love triangle. Griffin Gluck and Luke Eisner form the different sides of the core story. Paris Berelc, Sabrina Carpenter and Clara Wilsey play the supporting parts.

Among the non-lead, Griffin Gluck has the best role. He is the hero of the story, eventually based on how things pan out. He has done his part well. Luke Eisner seems to be taken only for the looks. But, once again, his dumbness highlights how well the casting has been.

The supporting set of actors is better, but they have a small role in the overall proceedings. Paris Berelc has done superbly in her minor role and helps generate the right emotion (not utilised in the main plot) at a crucial point. Clara Wilsey is alright as the bitchy high school girl with a snobby attitude.

Steve Zahn and Angela Kinsey are apt in the roles of parents. The former especially makes his part stand out among the teenybopper crowd. Rico Paris is okay in a couple of scenes.

Music and Other Departments?

The musical choice is peppy and hip and goes well with the generic nature of the story. The cinematography Eric Alan Edwards is in line with the template of the formulaic fares of the genre. The editing is neat, and there is a smooth flow irrespective of banality on display. The writing by Sam Wolfson is disastrous. It is chiefly responsible for the disinterest in the movie along with the screenplay.


A Couple of Fleeting Emotional Moments


Utterly Routine And Clichéd
No Emotional Connections On The Whole

Tall Girl Review by Siddartha Toleti

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