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Tansener Tanpura – A Comic Musical Thriller That Is Engaging In Parts

By Binged Binged Bureau - July 5, 2020 @ 10:38 am
Binged Rating5.25/10

Tansener-Tanpura-Series-Review-HoichoiBOTTOM LINE: A Comic Musical Thriller That Is Engaging In Parts

Rating: 5.25/10

Platform: Hoichoi TV Genre: Drama

Skin N Swear:  None 

What Is the Story About?

Alap (Vikram Chatterjee) and Shruti (Rupsha Chatterjee) are in love with each other. Their connection is music. Alap is cued into traditional as well as modern singing whereas Shruti, despite being the daughter of a classical singing legend is a modernist.

Alap wants to improve his standing as a classical singer and wants to join Shruti’s mother, Madhubanti’s musical classes as a pupil. What he discovers there? And how it is all connected to the Tanpura of Tansen is what the series is all about?


Vikram Chatterjee plays the lead role in the series, Tansener Tanpura. He is useful in the part of Alap, which doesn’t require him to do heavy-duty drama or other emotions. Vikram Chatterjee has to go along the series with a  continuous curious expression, and he does it comfortably.

Apart from being curious, the other essential part of his role is maintaining proper body language while singing. He pulls it off without coming across as awkward.


Soumik Chattopadhyay directs Tansener Tanpura. It is a simple and straightforward story on the surface, but a lot is going on concerning the central mystery. It is here that Soumik scores along with his direction.

The basic story is about finding the Tanpura of Tansen, a precious treasure. It is a simple premise, involving music and treasure hunt but the screenplay and dialogue is what makes watching Tansener Tanpura a unique experience. It neatly mixed mystery elements with an informative narrative. All of it with musical and various classical ragas and instruments as the backdrop. 

At the end of the ten episodes, we realize that the story has hardly progressed, but one can’t deny that a lot has happened. From the music to the various clues and the recurring comedy in between, the narrative is always kept busy. There are very little dragging moments (if one is okay with the classical music and the contextual historical lessons).

The different clues in the thriller reveal a little related to the story. But, they contain a lot of information related to the musical history of India and Bengal in particular. Each clue, therefore, enlightens and educates us.

The combination of facts and fiction generates a genuine curiosity to know what lies ahead. The information is neatly blended with predictable entertainment. It makes us go through the proceedings even though nothing ground-breaking happens.

The narrative is a mix of silly and goofy entertainment and thriller elements. It takes time to get used to but once done; the proceedings move smoothly with little drag.

The ending feels a little disappointing as it adds to the dragged feeling. The lack of progress in the story and nothing fresh taking shape gives a repetitive feeling. The series ends on that note which makes one unsatisfied.

Overall, Tansener Tanpura is a unique musical thriller that is both entertaining and educative. The concept and information packed in it make it is a decent one time watch despite the silly entertainment sprinkled throughout. Give it a try if classical music is not a hindrance to your joy.

Other Artists?

There are many characters in the story. However, none have a developed role that goes through an arc. It is one of the primary reasons that make one feel if the story is still a long way from completion.

Rupsha Chatterjee plays a bumbling fool type of character tagging along with lead. The main job of the actor is to provide entertainment through silly jibes and dialogues. Rupsha does it with ease.

Jayati Bhatia is elegant in her role, which is that of a music teacher with a rich heritage background. Her expressions are put to great use in presenting the rich musical tapestry and underlying emotions of jealously and surprise.

The rest of the actors are well cast for their parts. They help in keeping the narrative  intriguing with their acting despite the apparent lack of depth.

Music and Other Departments?

The music is the most critical and integral part of the narrative. Without it, the story would fall flat. Joy Sarkar has done a fantabulous job with it. He mixes the classic recreations with the contemporary background score well. Every song is sung beautifully and placed in the narrative neatly. The ‘classical’ score may not be to everyone’s taste (much like the character of Shruti), but is necessary to the proceedings.

The cinematography by Prosenjit Chowdhary is adequate. It could have been better, but given the budget issues, it is alright. The editing by MD Piyasuddin could have been better.

Sougata Basu provides the story, screenplay, and dialogue. It is light on the ‘story’ front, the screenplay feels repetitive, but there is a lot to take away from the conversations which are more than engaging. The historical informational is passed on through the various characters brilliantly.




Historical Aspect Related To The Music

Short Runtime



Feeling Of Lack Of Seriousness


Mundaneness In Parts

Did I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?

Yes, but with reservations

Tansener Tanpura Review by Binged Bureau 

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