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Aafat-e-Ishq ()

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Aafat-e-Ishq, Hindi film is streaming online on Zee5, release date coming soon

Aafat-e-Ishq is based on the multi-awarded Hungarian film ‘Liza, The Fox-Fairy’. It is a dark comedy romantic thriller film with a touch of supernatural elements.

The story revolves around Lallo, a woman in her 30s who is yet to find love for which she is looking desperately. Even when men try to come close to her an unknown force keeps Lallo away from them. But that’s not the only trouble she is in, when her wealthy employer Bahuji leaves the property in Lallo’s name, Bhauji’s relatives file a case against her. During all this she is accompanied by a ghost named Atmaram. Will Lallo find her true love and also save herself from the trouble she is in?

Starring: Neha Sharma, Ila Arun, Namit Das, Amit Sial, Deepak Dobriyal

Directed by: Indrajit Nattoji

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Aafat-e-Ishq - Online watch Zee5




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