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Rated 4.3

Aamis Movie Streaming: Where to Watch Online?Aamis is an Assamese language bold and intense romantic drama starring first-timers Lima Das, and Arghadeep Baruah. The movie opened with mostly favourable reviews when it premiered in Tribeca Film Festival.

Nirmali (Lima Das) is a middle-aged married woman who is doctor professionally. Sumon (Arghadeep Baruah) is a PhD student. The two bond over their love for meat. They taste all kinds and devour the different delicacies. There is a passionate romance blooming between the two.

One day Sumon decides to introduce a slice of new meat. It is human flesh, cut from his body. How Nirmali reacts to it and where the couple ends up with their shared passion and love is the basic premise of the movie.

Bhaskar Hazarika directs Aamis. It won him huge praises from the critics for its unique theme and bold presentation. The various undercurrent subtexts Aamis brought out is what makes it click with the critics. However, for the same reason, it has been resented by a section of the audience.

Quan Bay provided the music for Aamis. Poonam Deol and Shyam Bora produced the film jointly on the banners Signum Productions, Metanormal and Wishberry Films.

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  1. Aamis is not for everyone, certainly not for weak hearted and regular entertainment seeking folks. That said, Aamis is an unique experience. It offers a different take on love, one that goes to the extent of involving something…..(no spoilers). The visuals are not for all, but to a world cinema watching audience, it is par for course.

Aamis Movie Streaming: Where to Watch Online?