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Alidu-Ulidavaru,-Kannada-movie-is-streaming-on-Amazon-Prime-Video,-the-release-date-is-May-1st,-2020.Alidu Ulidavaru is a Kannada language psychological thriller starring Ashu Bendra in the lead. The movie opened with decent reviews upon its release on December 6th, 2019.

Sheelam (Ashu Bendra) is the host of a popular programme whose aim is to bust the various superstitious myths. It rakes in huge TRP’s for the channel. The show has successfully completed 99 episodes, and it’s the turn of 100th one. It leads to tremendous pressure on Sheelam to deliver.

In order to cope up with the ever-mounting pressure, Sheelam is ready for the usage of certain drugs. How the expectation leads to the fallout in professional and personal space for him and later his recovery forms the crux of the plot of the movie.

A horror-thriller offers predictable tropes and premise, in general, but Aravind Sastry tweaks it by setting it in electronic media. The setup provides freshness and slick making, and the short length does the rest. The background score by Midhun Mukundan is phenomenal here.

Alidu Ulidavaru is the sophomore attempt of director Aravind Sastry. His previous movie was the critically acclaimed flick Kahi. Alidu Ulidvaru again highlights his unique vision. Pawan Kumar, Atul Kulkarni and Sangeetha Bhat plays vital roles. Ashu Bendra, apart from being the lead, is also the producer.

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  1. Director Aravind Sastry tries to infuse freshness into the now predictable and stale horror-comedy genre. He mixes difference worlds – electronic media, love story, and drugs, tones down comedy to create a heady concoction. It works in parts, especially in the second half to make Alidu Ulidavaru a watchable experience overall.



Alidu Ulidavaru