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And The Oskar Goes To (2019)

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And The Oscar Goes To… Indian Malayalam Language Film Is Streaming Online Watch on Aha Video, Release Date 28th August 2020. This 2019 released film is making it’s digital debut on Aha Video on 28th August. And The Oscar Goes To… is an ode to all film makers. The film follows a budding film director Isaak Ibrahim, who is searching for a producer to help him make his directorial debut. With barely any money to survive, Isaak is a young man in love with movies and the film making process. The journey is not easy but he somehow finds a producer to fund his film. With limited time and resources, with Isaak making a lot of sacrifices, he finally makes his movie. Pawning off the piece of land which he owns, he somehow manages to submit his movie to the Acadamy. And eventually it gets nominated for an Academy Award (also known as an Oscar). Now what? The film is a journey of self-discovery. The sacrifices you are willing to make your dream come true, the weight of failure and exhiliration of success are the major hitting themes in the movie. Cast: Tovino Thomas, Anu Sithara, Nikki Rae Hallow, Siddique, Vijayaraghavan, Salim Kumar, Sreenivasan, Lal, Santhosh Keezhattoor, Dinesh Prabhakar, Appani Sarath, Parvathi T., Kavitha Nair, Anu Joseph, Zarina Wahab, Jaffar Idukki and Hareesh Kanaran. Written by Salim Ahamed. Directed by Salim Ahamed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QSla8RmouI  

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