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Andhaghaaram (2020)

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Andhaghaaram is an upcoming supernatural thriller Tamil language film. The movie has been directed by V Vignarajan who also serves as the writer of the movie. It is being presented by Atlee and is produced by Priya Atlee, Jayaram, Sudhan Sundaram, and K Poorna Chandra.


The movie is being touted as a thriller with a supernatural plotline. The makers already released an official trailer months ago which gives us the insight into the movie. Andhaghaaram revolves around a blind conjurer named Selvam who is struggling for his survival. A former cricketer named Vinod who has become obsessed with Selvam and is looking to hunt him down for some reason.

While there is a cat and mouse chase going between them, Vinod realizes that Selvam however harmless might seem actually has a mind of a devil and is always one step ahead of him. The story will also follow a psychiatrist and will show how the lives of all the three gets entangled with each other due to web of lies and deceit.


The movie features :-

Arjun Das, Vinoth Kishan, Pooja Ramachandran, Misha Ghoshal, Jeeva Ravi and others.

Andhaghaaram was in talks since the beginning of lockdown as the movie was supposed to arrive in theatres but even after, the direct releases on OTT happened no news regarding the movie’s release came out. But the makers recently announced that the movie will be heading over to Netflix and will arrive on 24th November 2020.

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