Anukunnadhi Okkati Aynadhi Okkati

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Anukunnadhi-Okkati-Aynadhi-Okkati-Streaming-on-Amazon-Prime,-Release-Date-23rd-MarchAnukunnadi Okkati Aynadhi Okati is a Telugu language adult comedy directed by Balu Adusumilli. It hit the cinemas on March 6th to poor reviews.

Anukunnadi Okati Aynadhi Okkati is a story about four girls, Dhanya, Konlee, Tridha and Siddhi. Each come from unique backgrounds, like fashion designing, journalist, software engineer and housewife. They all plans to go to Goa, to attend a marriage.

The four girls who are expressive, bold and outspoken in their ways are childhood friends. They connect due to common frustrations and likes. The road trip seems fine until they decide to hire a male stripper for their pleasure. He dies under mysterious circumstances, leaving a trail of fun and chaos behind.

The idea and set up is right for an adult comedy. The four girls go way over the top and play it to the galleries. Each stretches the boundaries boldness as much as possible. It is all done under the pretext of feminism.

Hima Velagapudi has produced the movie which marks the debut of director Baalu Adusumilli. Vikas provides the music.