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Axone, Hindi Movie Is Streaming Online on Netflix With English Subtitles, Release Date 12th June 2020

AXONE Hindi Movie Online watchAxone is a quirky Hindi film, centred on the sizeable North-East Indian community settled in Delhi, and the racial prejudices and intolerance they have to face in the capital.

A group of friends, all from various regions of North East India, who all live and work in Delhi, decide to surprise their friend who’s getting married, with her favourite North Eastern cuisine – pork, cooked in a special fermented soya bean paste called Axone. Axone is a much loved cuisine flavouring in the North East, but has a strong and distinct smell that is usually abhorred by those not familiar with it.

For this very reason, the friends, who stay in rented accommodation in a middle class locality of Delhi, are compelled to make the dish furtively, and cook it in open air, so as not to rile their neighbours or landlord. What follows are the hilarious consequences of their adventurous idea.
The movie is a humorous and eye-opening take on the prejudice towards people of other regions that all of us Indians are prone to.

Starring: Dolly Ahluwalia, Sayani Gupta, Lin Laishram, Vinay Pathak, Lanuakum Ao, Tenzin Dalha, Aakash Bhardwaj, Jimpa Bhutia, Deepansha Dhingra, Vijay Kumar Dogra
Directed by Nicholas Kharkongor and produced by Siddharth Anand Kumar and Vikram Mehra.

AXONE Hindi Movie Online watch