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Bang Baang (2021)

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Bang Baang, a Hindi series is streaming online, watch on Alt Balaji and Zee5, streaming on 25th January.

Bang Baang is an action-packed series with a twist of turns from Alt Balaji.
Bang Baang is the story of Raghu and Mira who were lovers at one point in time but went on their separate paths but fate reunited them together. Raghu is your easy on the eyes Bollywood type hero who is being charged with the murder of two people in a family.

Ruhi Singh as Mira is the femme fatale who is assigned this case but there is more than meets the eye as she is in a race against time to find out the identity of the true killer. Bullets will fly everywhere as no one can be trusted.

Watch out to find if Ragu really killed them or is he just being framed for it.

Starring: Ruhi Singh, Faisal Shaikh, Ansuman Bhagat, Sourav Kumar.

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