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Kedara (2019)

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Kedara is a National Awards-winning film, and has also won numerous other awards. It is centred on a fading ventriloquist, who has lost his earnings due to the lack of interest in the art of ventriloquism. He spends his time alone, separated from his wife, and has a junk dealer as his only friend. He amuses himself by creating imaginary characters and having a continuous dialogue with his characters through the medium of ventriloquism. He is sad, depressed and lonely. But one day, his junk-dealer friend gifts him an armchair, something he’d always dreamt of owning. The armchair fills him with renewed confidence and vigour, but also becomes the cause of his descent into insanity. Starring Kaushik Ganguly, Rudranil Ghosh, Joydeep Kundu, Moushumi Sanyal Dasgupta, Indranil Roy Directed by Indraadip Dasgupta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqgZ2HoP_MI

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