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Prof. Shanku O El Dorado-

Professor Shanku O El Dorado (2019)

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Professor Shanku O El Dorado is a Bengali science fiction thriller, based on Satyajit Ray’s story, Nakur Babu O El Dorado. Professor Shanku (Dhritiman Chatterjee) is a genius scientific inventor and explorer. He decides to explore deep in the jungles of the Amazon, looking for the fabled city of El Dorado. But he is visited at home by a man called Nakur Chandra Biswas, aka Nakur Babu (Subhasish Mukhopadhyay) who warns him about impending dangers. Professor Shanku realises that Nakur Babu has supernatural powers to read the mind and see the future. Shanku takes Nakur Babu with him to a scientific conference in Brazil, to showcase his paranormal powers. What follows is a thrilling chain of escapades and the two men escaping from them unharmed. Starring Dhritiman Chatterjee, Subhasish Mukhopadhyay Directed by Sandip Ray https://youtu.be/DpVE8cvq_ik

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