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Big Mouth: Season 4

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Big Mouth, an original Netflix animated series is streaming online, watch on Netflix, streaming on 4th December.

Big Mouth is an animated series that revolves around the lives of a group of 8th graders. It tackles many on the new age problems such as anxiety, dealing with summer camps, shady alter egos and raging hormones.

Big Mouth is an Emmy Award-winning animated series, and the new season goes about shedding light on a new collection of problems in the life of 8th graders who have to deal with issues like anxiety and the offset of their puberty. Big Mouth may seem like the classic animated series but is not very censored and has a straight forward take on several issues faced by children.

The problem of anxiety, though, is shown uniquely with ‘Tito the Anxiety Mosquito’ playing an important role in the entire series. There is also another character by the name of Hormone Monstress who indirectly portrays the problems of going through puberty. This series is filled with double meaning puns and has no two ways about it.

Starring: Jessi Klein, Jason Mantzouka, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph.

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