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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (Borat 2) (2020)

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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm American Political Comedy Film/Mockumentary Is Streaming Online Watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm or Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (also known as Borat 2) is an upcoming mockumentary comedy film which will be streaming on Amazon. This much-beloved Sacha Baron Cohen’s character is returning to turn our heads and show a different side to America, the one we knew exists, but never truly saw (we saw a bit in Borat 1).

As one can imagine, this return of Borat, our (favorite) Kazakhstani television personality, comes during a tumultuous period in the USA’s political history (which is right now). With a lot of the country’s voters not participating, a majority of voters having issues in going to vote, and another majority of voters not knowing how to vote (or vote safely), this film is supposed to shed light on why one must be voting (and hopefully gives the information regarding the rest of the problems as well)

In this sequel, Borat returns to America to do exactly what the title of this feature film says – “To deliver a bride (a woman) to the sitting Vice-President Mike Pence, for the benefit of Kazakhstan”. On returning to America, Borat finds out that he has become a bit famous after his interview-film came out. He takes ridiculous precautions to go undercover (after meeting a couple of fans), going as far as being undercover during his interviews. This time, his daughter tags along with him, and does everything with the unique perspective she has as a woman from Kazakhstan. She is the person who Borat plans on being “Mike Pence’s bride”.

Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen.

Written by Peter Baynham, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jena Friedman, Anthony Hines, Lee Kern, Dan Mazer, Erica Rivinoja and Dan Swimer.

Directed by Jason Woliner.

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