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Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi (2020)

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Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi Telugu Film Is Streaming Online Watch on Aha Video, Release Date 21st August 2020. Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi is an upcoming Telugu movie directed by Poluru Krishna which will be released in digital format exclusively on Aha Videos. The movie is of the romance genre. The plot is about forbidden love regarding two souls and the story will keep you glued to your seats till the very end. Buchinaidu Kandriga is the name of one of the 66 Mandals in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Because of the very specific name for both the temple and movie, it will be safe to assume that the movie will have plot with regards to the temple or at the very least have it as a shooting location. The first look for the movie was launched by Dil Raj with Suma Kanakala on Yellow Pixel channel in YouTube. The cast and crew are all said to be newcomers including the actors playing the lead roles, the producer and the writer-director. Produced by P Chandra Kumari Written by Poluru Krishna Directed by Poluru Krishna

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