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Buried By the Bernards (2021)

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Buried By the Bernards Season 1, an English series is streaming online, watch on Netflix, streaming on 12th February.

Buried by the Bernards is a reality series that gives us a look into the funeral home that is run by the Bernards.

Buried by the Bernards takes us on a journey that shows us the various struggles that go into running this business. Ryan Bernard is the owner of the R Bernard Funeral services. His uncle Kevin and his mother help him keep the whole thing afloat. He tries to run a tight ship and this show gives us an insider view of everything that is going on at this funeral home. Ryan may be the owner but her mother is still the boss and she makes it known very clearly. The young one is least interested in the business and Kevin is a unique character in himself who will make you smile.

The Bernards are not one to keep quiet and they help a lot of grieving families arrange for their last rites. They are running this business to carry on the legacy of their father but things aren’t always so smoot at the Bernards.

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