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C U Soon (2020)

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The current pandemic situation has affected every industry in the country and after the web series ‘The Gone Game’ became the first release to be shot during lockdown, Fahadh Faasil’s Malayalam film ‘c u soon.’ is next in line. Amazon has announced that the Mahesh Narayan’s directorial will be exclusively premiered on Prime Video from September 1. C U Soon is an enthralling thriller about a software engineer of Kerala being asked by his family to help his cousin living in Dubai, search for his missing fiancée after a video suicide note is left by her. Starring Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran as well, the movie was shot on mobile phone and in a controlled environment considering all the restrictions. While the actor and producer Fahadh Faasil said, “making C U Soon was an interesting experience”, the director and editor of the film Mahesh Narayan added that, “C U Soon is a computer screen-based drama thriller, a new concept that has barely been explored in Indian cinema.”

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