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Chadarangam (2020)

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Director: Raj

Cast: Srikanth, Sunaina and Nagineedu

Telugu Web Series Chadarangam Streaming on Zee5 Telugu, Release Date 20th FebruaryThe political thriller and drama web series chronicles the life of an actor who enters the murky world of politics. He wants to be of service to his people, but greed soon overtakes his noble intentions. Chadarangam is based on true events that took place in unified Andhra Pradesh, much before it broke into two halves. It is a political drama, with twists, turns and intrigues. Just like the complex game of Chess, with all its manipulation and scheming, Chadarangam, which means chess in Telugu, has layers of manipulation and political shrewdness. It dives deep into the murky world of politics to give viewers a closer look at its manipulations and machinations. Starring, Srikanth, Sunaina and Nagineedu
Produced by Vishnu Manchu
Directed by Raj

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