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Crazy About Her Movie Streaming Online

Crazy About Her (2021)

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Crazy About Love, Spanish Romantic Comedy Movie, Releasing on 26th February, 2021, Streaming on Netflix.


Story of a man who, after a certain one night stand with a woman, goes to ultimate heights to meet her once again, even when they decided they are not meeting each other again. After lots of searches online and asking here and there, he and his friends find out that she is admitted in a psychiatric hospital. As he realizes that there is no other way to meet, since they are not letting visitors in, he decides to go in as a patient. As they finally come across each other, they start healing each other in their own ways. Falling in love in a psychiatric hospital gets a whole new meaning in this Spanish rom-com.

Starring: Alvaro Cervantes, Susana Abaitua, Luis Zahera

Director: Dani de la Orden

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