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Dagaalty, Tamil Film Is Streaming on Sun Nxt, the -Release Date Is April 30th.-2020


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Dagaalty is a Tamil language comedy film starring Santhanam in the lead. The movie opened with poor reviews on January 31st, 2020. The basic storyline of Dagaalty is very simple and done to death variety. However, the take-off is different, even though farfetched and is the only interesting creative aspect of the movie. A multi-billionaire from Mumbai, Vijay Samrat (Tarun Arora) draws the picture of a girl. He asks his goons to search for the girl in the painting throughout the country. Whoever brings her to him gets ten crores as a gift. When the information reaches Guru (Santhanam), he finds the girl and takes her to Mumbai. Once handed over to Vijay Samrat, Guru realizes the mistake that he has done. How he manages to save her from Samrat by entering his house is the overall plot. Vijay Anand directs the movie. He also provides the story and has written the film. Ritika Sen is the heroine in the entertainer. Radha Ravi, Manobala, Stunt Silva, Yogi Babu plays the vital comedic cum supporting parts whereas Brahmanandam makes a short appearance, as well. Vijay Narain provides the music. https://youtu.be/bRpl_g66gZs

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Dagaalty, Tamil Film Is Streaming on Sun Nxt, the Release Date Is April 30th.

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