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El Presidente Season 1 (2020)

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El Presidente is the story of Sergio Jaude, a director of a small-time soccer club in Chile who suddenly finds himself at the top of the Chilean soccer association.

El Presidente is based on a true story surrounding the FIFA Scandal that took place and how the FBI uncovered one of the biggest corruption cases in the history of soccer with most of the top-level executives being involved. What you also get to view in this series is how football is seen as more than just a game at the top level, and that is not necessarily always a good thing.

The most important game isn’t played on the pitch but off it. The amount of money that is poured into football with the number of brands spending money like water to get significant deals with footballers and organizations alike really hammers the point that the statement makes. All the hardcore soccer fans should put this on their watchlist. Watch it for what goes on in the background of some of the most promising figures in the world of soccer.

Starring: Andres Parra, Karla Souza, Paulina Gaitan

Directed By: Armando Bo

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