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Eureka is a Telugu language campus thriller starring Karteek Anand in the lead. The movie opened with poor reviews when it hit the cinemas on March 13th, 2020. The film is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Eureka is set in the college world. It is the name of the annual fest held by the students. The story of Eureka revolves around two students, Yuva (Karteek Anand) and Revanth (Munna) and their love life. They represent the two regularly seen extremes in among college students. Revanth is the hardworking and studious guy, whereas Yuva is a hardnosed and bratty guy who always lands in trouble. Yuva and Revanth are always at loggerheads with each other. They get into fights many times. Additionally, Yuva has to deal with a love life involving a girlfriend. Things turn ugly when Revanth plans to organise Eureka for college Annual Day grandly. He has the support of all the students. However, an unfortunate incident occurs on the day of the lunch of Eureka. How the incidents put Yuva at the centre? What he does to clear his name from the mess is the basic plot of Eureka. The narrative takes a thriller turn post-intermission which are the best parts of the movie. Karteek Anand directs and acts as one of the leads in Eureka. Dimple Hayathi, Shalini Vadnikatti, and Samiksha are the other essential supporting actors in the thriller. Naresh Kumaran provides the music. Prashanth Tata, Lalitha Kumari Bodducherla are the producers of the flick. https://youtu.be/Hjn69JDhvVo

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Eureka - Amazon Prime Video

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