Bordertown Season 3

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Finnish-series-Bordertown-Season-3-is-streaming-on-Netflix-with-English-subtitles,-release-date-11th-May Bordertown is a Finnish crime drama and Nordic noir series, streaming with English subtitles. It is a police procedural detective series, centred on a gifted detective who wilfully takes up a job in a small town to spend quality time with his family, after his wife beats brain cancer. Instead, he finds himself caught up in the investigation of a series of disturbing murders. This is Season 3 of the series. Detective Inspector Kari Sorjonen (Ville Virtanen) takes a new job leading SECRI, the Serious Crime Unit in Lappeenranta, and moves his family to the town at the Finnish-Russian border, for a more peaceful life. But life turns out to be less than peaceful there. A series of grisly murders rock the town, and Kari is assigned to solve the case. As the Special Crimes Unit officer, he is teamed up with Lena Jaakkola (Anu Sinisalo), who is a deadly agent of Russia’s FSB unit. As he gets more embroiled in the increasing crime happenings in the small Finnish town, and busies himself solving cases of terrifying murders, he is faced with a situation that compels him to rethink his decision to move to the border town.

Starring Ville Virtanen, Matleena Kuusniemi, Anu Sinisalo, Lenita Susi, Kristiina Halttu, Olivia Ainali, Ilkka Villi.