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Forgotten,-Korean-Movie-Is-Streaming-Online-On-Netflix-With-English-Subtitles.Forgotten is a Korean language crime thriller starring Kang Ha-neul as the leads. The movie opened with decent reviews when it hit the theatres on November 29th, 2017. One can watch the film online on Netflix.

Jin-seok is brought to his new home with his parents and older brother. The year is 1997. The life seems happy in the new place, although a particular locked room instils fear and doubts in Jin-Seok’s mind. The brother, Yoo-seok and parents convince him there is nothing to worry.

Everything is going fine until one day, Yoo-seok is kidnapped. For days he does not appear, and the family is clueless about his whereabouts. After nineteen days, Yoo-seok returns to the home. However, Jin-seok notices that his older brother is acting strangely. Soon, all hell breaks loose when he realizes that nothing is what it looks like.

The police catch a confused Jin-seok running on the streets. It is then that he gets the shock of his life to know that the year he is living is 2017. He is not 21 years old as he thinks and is 41 years old instead. What happened to him, and why was he kept in the house? Who are the people acting as his family members? The answers to these questions form the narrative of the movie.

Jang Hang-jun directs Forgotten. Kim Mu-yeol, Na Young-hee, and Moon Sung-keun play other vital supporting parts. Park Joon-shik produces the movie on BA Entertainment banner. The thrilling crime drama is available to watch online on Netflix.