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Gandii Baat Season 5, Hindi Web Series Is Streaming Online, Watch on Zee5 and Altbalaji

Gandii Baat Season 5 (2020)

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Gandii Baat Season 5, Hindi series is streaming online, watch on ZEE5 and ALTBalaji with English subtitles, release date 8th October


Gandii Baat is a Hindi language series in the erotica genre. It centres on bringing erotic stories from the rural and semi-urban heartland of the country.

The web series is episodic in nature, with each episode bringing in an element of surprise, horror, supernatural, mystery, suspense or thrill into conventional stories of passion, desire and lust.

The first four seasons of Gandii Baat were received well by audiences, which is why, now, the series goes ahead with a new Season 5. Every season tries to focus on a theme in its telling of erotic stories – sometimes female sexuality, sometimes unconventional themes such as ménage à trois, lust for inanimate objects, gay or lesbian relationships, and so on.

Starring Piyali Munsi, Amika Shail, Farman Haider, Pooja Dey, Nitin Bhatia, Sanya Bansal, Savant Singh Premi, Ankit Bhatia and Pamela Mondal.

Produced and directed by Sachin Mohite

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