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Get Duked (2019)

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Get Duked English Comedy Film Is Streaming Online Watch on Amazon Prime Video With English Subtitles, Release Date 31st August 2020. Originally titled “Boyz in the Hood”, Get Duked is a 2019 British black comedy film written and directed by Ninian Doff, who is making his feature directorial debut. The movie is supposed to be a satire about escape-type horror movies such as “A Quiet Place” and “Don’t Breathe”. Dean, Duncan and DJ Beatroot are three close friends from Glasgow who are let loose in Scottish Highlands by Mr. Carlyle (portrayed by Jonathan Aris, known for portraying ‘Anderson’ from the hit series “Sherlock”), their councillor, for a character building camping trip. They would much rather leave the beautiful scenery behind and smoke weed. Ian, a shy introverted sheltered boy, is added to their group for the camping trip, making them a group of four. Giving them a map and instructions to meet at their campsite at 6pm, Mr. Carlyle takes off. Fast forward a couple of hours and they are being chased by a mysterious huntsman. The police are following them but are not providing any assistance. Eddie Izzard shines as the antagonist, portraying the Duke, who is chasing after the quartet. He received admiration in the role and the movie was a critical hit. Cast:Eddie Izzard, Kate Dickie, James Cosmo, Kevin Guthrie, Jonathan Aris, Alice Lowe, Samuel Bottomley, Viraj Juneja, Rian Gordon, Lewis Gribben and Georgie Glen. Written by Ninian Doff. Directed by Ninian Doff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y-1kDA1tLk

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